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Chummy Plummer, owner of the oldest fishing lodges in Canada's Northwest Territories, recounts how his Grandfather C.C. (Chummy) Plummer and his father Warren lived in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories in the early 1930's. They heard of an amazing spot to fish and went by canoe with a 1.9 HP to Taltheilei Narrows where Plummer's Great Slave Lake Lodge is still located.


Chummy Talks about Fishing and Family

Chummy and Crew Moving Plummer's Great Bear Lake Lodge 150 Miles Across the Ice in 1960's

CHUMMY MOVING PLUMMER'S GREAT BEAR LAKE LODGE ACROSS THE ICE IN THE 1960'S    Plummer's was the first lodge built on Great Bear in 1959 on the south side, in 1967 they moved it to the NE corner.


Plummer’s Great Bear Lodge was the first fishing lodge built on Great Bear Lake, Northwest Territories, Canada in 1959 on the south side of the lake.  As Bear Lake got to be well known, other operators started to build lodges to the west of Plummer’s and a mine was starting to the south.  Warren, Chummy’s Dad felt they were “starting to get hemmed in”, so in 1967 decided to move the camp to the northeast arm of Great Bear, the Dease Arm.  They were already flying guests over to fish and knew these were productive waters.  It was Warren’s idea and Chummy his son, at the time 24 years old was the one to make the move 150 miles across Bear Lake on ice roads, moving all of the buildings except the main lodge.  They made their own ice roads, there were no GPS or SAT phones when they made this move.  Chummy tells us the story of that incredible move.

Chummy Plummer owner of Plummer's Arctic Lodges, Northwest Territories Canada

talks about privately building two runways that accommodate 737 jets.  Here is part I of a three part video series.

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